Meet the Team

downloadVishal Ranka is a graduate student completing MBA(Finance) and M.S in Business Analytics with a special focus towards analyzing and integrating the financial and the technical world. He completed his undergraduate in computers science engineering from MSRIT university and went on to work for a tech giant. He has over four years of work experience in the technical and financial industry, which also includes his ambitious entrepreneurial adventure. Fascinated by commerce, business, and trading he wants to delve into the US financial market deeper by utilizing the Bloomberg lab and by serving GSMF media team as lead.


MariaMaria Epifanova is a CFA level II candidate and a graduate student in the finance studies particularly interested in behavioral finance as well as financial and statistical analyses. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with honors from Hanze University. Her lifelong passion for mathematics and numbers earned her multiple Math Olympiad awards. While working on a cost-benefit analysis research for a recognized European service company, she turned her strong interest in numbers into obsession about finance. She is currently dedicated to GSMF Media team shedding light on critical financial issues.



Anirudh Shankar is part of the media lab. He is presently pursuing his MS Finance and deep knowledge in Stata and Excel. He is also working as a Value Consultant Intern for Elementum- a tech startup based out of California.





David Jin is a portuguese student pursuing a Masters in Finance degree in NovaSBE. He came to The U.S. as an exchange student to learn more about the culture and to be exposed more closely to the biggest financial market in the world. He became amazed by the fast paced environment in the financial system and how it affects everyone, directly or indirectly. David has had an internship experience at Haitong, back in Portugal, and his goal is to manage a highly successful hedge fund.


Ali Bhai

Syed Ali Raza is a student of MS finance at University of Massachusetts Boston. He received his MBA degree from University of Central Punjab Pakistan. He worked for 1.5 year in customer services of a telecom company and for 3 years at multinational bank in Pakistan. While working in bank he decided to get a more advanced degree in finance and get an international exposure into his education. He found Umass Boston as a perfect school to achieve his goal. His reason for taking GSMF course was to learn Bloomberg terminal and explore deeply into financial and stock market system of USA.




Patchayaporn Pornprathanwech is a prospective Master of Finance student at University of Massachusetts Boston. She received her bachelor’s degree in Economics and Accountancy from City University London






Vismay Soni is a Teaching Assistant of Graduate Student Managed Fund. He created a widely-used manual on Technical Analysis for student training. He has been an active leader on Bloomberg training team and has been conducting mentoring sessions for graduate students. He represented University of Massachusetts, Boston’s graduate team in Bloomberg Trading Challenge.



Waqas Nawaz, Working as Finance Intern with New York Life. He is also working as a student consultant in University of Massachusetts Boston IT common labs. He received his undergraduate degree in Marketing and Finance from Iqra University Pakistan. Candidate for Master of Science in Finance, December 2017.



Sylvia Niu is a student of MSF program at University of Massachusetts Boston. She received her bachelor’s degree in Korean from Dalian Nationalities University and had an internship at Northeast Securities. While during the intern period, she was fascinated by the financial sector. She is a candidate of the CFA level 1 exam.




Qiniying Fu is a graduate student of  MSF in University of Massachusetts Boston. He received her bachelor’s degree in Management from Tianjin University of Commerce. While studying at Tianjin, he was fascinated by the financial sector. Qinying is a candidate of the CFA level 1 exam.




 Delaney Ong graduated Summa Cum Laude from University of Massachusetts Boston with a Bachelors of Science in Management with a finance concentration. Upon graduation Delaney worked as an analyst for US Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management. Delaney is currently a Masters of Finance candidate at University of Massachusetts Boston, and hopes to better her skills at securities valuation. 
Phireeyaphong Ratsameelerkset is currently enrolled in MS Finance at University of Massachusetts Boston. He received his bachelor’s degree in Economics from Thammasat University, Thailand. He has a passion and a strong interest in investments, including stocks and cryptocurrencies. Phireeyaphong is a candidate of the CFA level 1 exam.

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