“The Perfect Pitch”- Andrew Uerkwitz presentation to SMF, proud alumni of UMass

edit final

Andrew Uerkwitz

 Executive Director and Senior Analyst, Oppenheimer & co.Inc.

Emerging Services and Technology companies at Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. He initially focused on the emerging Israeli technology companies before broadening his coverage to emerging technology and service companies. Prior to joining Oppenheimer & Co. Inc., Mr. Uerkwitz worked in equity research at Ardour Capital and also in investment banking at Deutsche Bank. He started his career in various finance and accounting positions at Lannett Company and Lordi Consulting. Mr. Uerkwitz holds a B.S. in management and accounting from the University of Massachusetts in Boston and an MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business.

The seminar begun with stock pitches by SMF students, followed with Q&A and comments from Andrew as well as the audience. Additionally Andrew pitched on GoPro Inc. performance, followed by how to design pitch based on a target audience. Finally, event was concluded by thanking our guest with a small token of appreciation.

Attached some Pictures from the event.




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