Rajiv Mallick’s Presentation for the GSMF

Rajiv Mallick, senior Risk Manager at APG Asset Management US Inc. has presented his analysis on “Risk Management: Applied Quantitative Techniques” to the GSMF and SMF students on Monday, March 28th.

Dr. Mallick leads APG quantitative risk initiative, that his geared to provide a greater transparency and sensitivity to capital market factors. Previously he has been in risk management roles to create risk platforms for a pension fund, and expanded risk capabilities exploiting fund transparency in a hedge fund and a wealth management. His research interests and publications highlight the use of econometric modeling of financial issues.

Some pictures of the event are attached below.

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New additions to the Bloomberg Lab

The Bloomberg Lab is being updated, and the renovations are almost complete. The room now has four additional monitors and a ticker screen! The four screens will be used to display the GSMF and the SMF portfolio holdings and performance.



Additionally, a new high definition monitor has been placed at the top of the stairs on the third floor of the Healey Library, just in front of the IT desk, to provide an introduction and some information about the UMass Boston Bloomberg Lab and the GSMF class.


The final steps in the renovation process will be the installation of a big flat screen monitor to be used for presentations and lectures, and a big white board. Stay tuned!



Christopher Probyn Presentation For the GSMF

Dr. Christopher Probyn is currently the Chief Economist at State Street Global Advisors in Boston. In this role Chris is primarily responsible for forecasting and analyzing economic events in the world’s major economies, and for evaluating their impacts on financial markets. Chris regularly briefs fixed-income and equity portfolio managers, as well as other corporate personnel on economic matters.

Previously, Chris was a Director, and Senior Economist at UBS in New York City. Dr. Probyn obtained his BA at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, his MA from the University of Manchester, and his Ph.D. from the London School of Economics.

His presentation to students began with briefing, how his regular day is like. Second, he explained what business weak cycles and bad trends are, how to recognize and analyze their effects on market. Additionally, he spoke about the changes in paradigm and how we need to change our macroeconomic analysis which are based on older paradigms. Finally, he concluded by describing to students with some examples how an economist should be innovative in seeing bad or good trend and shared some advises on choosing career path.

Managing Director and Chief Economist, State Street Global Advisors, Inc.

Christopher Probyn Informational Interview with Executive Committee of GSMF and UGSMF

Managing Director and Chief Economist, State Street Global Advisors,Inc.
Christopher Probyn Prestentation on Weak cycles and Bad trends to Finance Students

Trip to the Chartroom of the Fidelity Boston Headquarters

GSMF and USMF students were invited by Patrick Torbert of Fidelity to take a tour of the Boston Headquarters of the company. Additionally, they were introduced to some tips on Technical Analysis, and they were able to visit the Fidelity Chartroom.

The GSMF team would like to take this opportunity to thank Patrick for his help, availability and precious insights on the work of a technical analyst!

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