GSMF and UGSMF at the Bloomberg Headquarters

The UMass Boston Graduate and Undergraduate Student Managed Funds will be visiting the Bloomberg Headquarters in NYC tomorrow.  The classes will be able to learn about the type and breadth of Bloomberg clients. Additionally, the students will attend a presentation by equity specialists focusing on typical buy-side strategy workflow using Bloomberg’s Factor Tester, Back testing and Portfolio tools to construct and analyze a strategy.

Pictures are coming soon!


UMass President Meehan meets the UMass Boston GSMF

The President of the UMass system, Martin Meehan, met with the UMass Boston Graduate Student Managed Fund yesterday evening. Our leaders extraordinaires, Chris Reece and Kevin Perniciaro, delivered a presentation in which they explained the purpose of the GSMF, the tasks that the class accomplished, and their personal stories.

President Meehan’s meeting with the GSMF class is featured prominently in the following Boston Globe article:

Awesome job, Chris and Kevin!

From Disruption to Collaboration: Innovation in Fintech

Pictures from the November 2nd event organized by UMass Boston and the VDC at UMass Boston, featuring the CEO of State Street Joseph Hooley, the CEO of Putnam Investments Robert Reynolds, the CEO of Quantopian John Fawcett and the CEO of Covrd Vivek Gupta have been published on the GMSF Facebook page. Check them out!